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Stachyurus praecox - Early Stachyurus


  • Stachyurus praecox is a deciduous shrub that is very showy in the early spring and late summer. The Early Stachyurus has 10-15cm in length slender-pointed ovate leaves, dropping racemes and 10-12cm in length bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers late winter to mid-spring (already visible on the plant in winter). These are produced before or together with the appearance of young leaves, the flowers diffusing a sweet scent. It often develops an arching habit. As the foliage matures, the petioles redden through the primary vein and the toothed margin of the leaf has a fine defining line of red. In autumn, the foliage turns to the shades of red to purple. As the flowers fade, small berry-like fruits appear which turn to yellow-red later on. This plant is tolerant to wetter soils and grows best in semi-shade. 


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