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The Spring Surprises Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our spring favourites that we believe will make the perfect addition to your garden.

  • The eye-catching Spring Surprises collection contains one of each plant in either a 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Yellow Tree Peony – Paeonia lutea var Ludlowii (5cm): A very showy, ornamental shrub with large, golden-yellow flowers in late Spring. It can be grown on many types of soil but produces more flowers on clay rather than on acidic, sandy soils. It develops a multi-stemmed, vase form with time.
  • Chinese Quince – Chaenomeles speciosa (15-20cm): A very ornamental, dark pink-light red flowered, small shrub. Its shiny, bright red flowers open before the leaves appear, putting on a fantastic display. It is suitable for pot growing (as a patio plant) or can be trained to a wall. It looks great when arched over pathways or steps in the garden. Its apple sized fruits are edible, yellow when ripe. The fruit is best when cooked as it makes a perfect addition to any jams and the squeezed juice is rich in aroma.
  • Chinese Wisteria – Wisteria sinensis (10-15cm): A lovely climber from the Far East with spectacular lavender coloured, hanging racemes which open before the leaves appear. It can be trained to a wall but will look best when grown freely up fences, walls, or old tree trunks. It does not like to dry out completely but is not too fussy to soil conditions. It takes several years to establish, but we can promise you it is worth the wait.

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