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Wildlife Food Plants Collection

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  • It is not only us emerging from hibernation, but nature’s wildlife too. To help feed them through the coming seasons we have curated a food for wildlife collection.

  • The irresistible Wildlife Food Plants Collection contains one of each plant in either a 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Porcelain Vine – Ampelopsis brevipedunculata: An attractive deciduous climber, originating from China. The large climber is known as an ornamental plant due to its striking fruits that consist of the colours blue, purple and pink with brown or black speckles. It is fast growing (can reach up to 20m), best trained over an arch or trellis. It has three or occasionally five lobed heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 15cm wide and often colour in the Autumn. During late Spring, early Summer you will find clusters of small, green flowers that are followed by fruit during the Autumn. The Porcelain Vine is hardy and tolerant to extreme cold weather of up to -25c. It prefers to be planted in a warm sheltered spot where it will receive full sun.
  • Bee Tree – Evodia / Tetradium daniellii: An unusual, medium sized tree with its main value being the sweetly scented clusters of flowers. The creamy flowers offer abundant nectar attracting bees and other insects (hence the name) which are open in the late Summer when no other trees are in flower. Smooth, grey bark and pinnate, glossy, dark-green leaves adds to its value. The tree is usually pest and disease free. Blooms from early age and is fast growing.
  • Sweet Chestnut – Castanea sativa: This is the well known sweet tasting nut, often sold roasted on the street in Winter, especially around Christmas. A large tree that requires space due to it being a fast growing species. In the spring, yellow, hanging male flowers are produced but even its dark green foliage is quite decorative on its own. It prefers slightly acidic and good fertile soil. It tolerates good Summer heat and it is easy to grow. Deciduous. We have collected enormous seeds last Autumn from a plantation in Italy, hence the seedlings seem to grow very strongly and they will be strong plants - although their fruit size cannot be guaranteed, it is likely that they will give a good crop.

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