Wisteria sinensis - Chinese Wisteria

  • A lovely climber from the Far East with spectacular  lavender coloured, hanging racemes which open before the leaves appear. It can be trained to a wall but will look best when it grows freely on fences, walls or old tree trunks. It does not like to dry out completely but not too fussy to soil conditions. It takes several years to get established, but it is worth the wait.

  • Other common names: -

  • Native to: China

  • Family: Fabaeae (Pea Family)

  • Habit (UK conditions): climbing, deciduous shrub

  • Growth rate: medium then fast

  • Typical size in 10 years: 6m x 2m (on a large fence for example)

  • Main value: flowers

  • Flower colour: violet

  • Flowering period: April-May

  • Autumn coloration: yellow

  • Preferences: moist yet well drained soil, full sun of half shade

  • Hardiness: hardy in the UK and most of Europe.

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