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Winter Gem Collection

  • Chase the winter blues away with our Winter Gem Collection. These shrubs are perfect for bringing bursts of colour and scent to your garden, instantly cheering up a dull time of the year.

  • Collection contains one of each plant in either an 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Japanese Skimmia - Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana (8-10cm tall): The self-fertile Japanese Skimmia is a compact evergreen shrub with narrow, leathery leaves. This variety is hermaphrodite, meaning that the one plant will fruit and flower well on its own. Striking red berries decorate the plant all winter long, adding a splash of colour to your garden. Fragrant, white flowers bloom from mid to late spring which welcome the bees and the butterflies.

  • Wintersweet - Chimonanthus praecox (15-20cm tall): The Wintersweet possess sweetly scented and highly fragrant, creamy yellow, bell-shaped flowers that appear on bare, light brown stems from the middle of Winter. It can make a perfect addition for your winter borders or placed on the patio in a large pot where on a warm summers evening, the lanceolate, leathery leaves release a sweet spicy scent.

  • White Christmas Box -  Sarcococca confusa (6-8cm tall): The White Christmas Box is a delightful, glossy evergreen shrub. One of the best plants available for the winter period due to its many qualities. Delicate flowers from late autumn through to early spring are in bloom, contrasting beautifully against their dark green leaves and shiny, black berries. Not only are the flowers appealing to the eye, but they also have a powerful honey-like fragrance.

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