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Staphylea Collection

  • Introducing you to our new serene Staphylea Collection, made up of two delightful, deciduous, early flowering shrubs that are sure to add tranquillity to your garden.

  • Staphylea pinnata - Common Bladdernut (10cm tall): A medium sized shrub with coconut scented, white flowers in May, followed by paper like, inflated fruit pods (hence the name).  At first the fruit pods have a purple hue which then gradually fades to a hay, brown colour in the Autumn. The Common Bladdernut is easy to grow (even in a pot), drought tolerant and it won't grow bigger than 3m in height.

  • Staphylea bumalda - Japanese Bladdernut (10cm tall): An elegant, compact small sized, deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves that have serrated edges and taper to a point. Subtle white, bell-shaped flowers with a slight scent bloom in loose erect panicles from late spring to early summer. Later, the flowers give way to light green, baggy, inflated seed capsules which hang gracefully from the branches. The leaves have a great autumn colour which contrasts beautifully against its greyish brown bark. The Japanese Bladdernut is an easy to grow shrub that can withstand temperatures as low as -20C.

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