Celastrus orbiculatus - Orinetal Bittersweet

  • Bittersweets are fast growing climbers or erect, arching shrubs that grow on any good soil. The branches grow in zig-zag formations and have pointed edged, broad leaves. The small, green-yellow flowers are borne in panicles. The skin of the attractive, yellow fruit opens up to reveal the orange, fleshed seed coat. These fruits remain on the plant during winter. This plant is part of the dioecious species which means the male and female flowers are on different plants. It is best to order at least 2 plants so that you have a greater chance to get both sexes which will produce berries if planted together. Easy to grow and drought tolerant.

Other common names:   Chinese Bittersweet
Native to:     China
Family:     Celastraceae (Staff Vine Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  erect, arching, half-climbing, deciduous shrub
Max. size in 10 years:   5m x 3m (in length)
Main value:    fruits in Autumn and Winter
Flower colour:    yellow-green, tiny (not significant)
Flowering period:   May-June
Autumn coloration:   yellow
Preferences:    wide range of soils, full sun of half shade (drought tolerant)
Hardiness:    hardy to around -20C

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