Delosperma congestum - Yellow Hardy Ice Plant

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  • This is a hardy succulent perennial that is native to South Africa. From late May throughout summer, an abundance of bright and bold sulphur yellow flowers open creating a stunning sight. The flowers look similar to that of the daisy and when set upon vibrant green, fleshy foliage it creates a striking contrast in colours.

  • This plant is great for everyone. It is perfect for any roof gardens or rockeries, forming a dense lawn but it is also great for the patio. This plant is also suitable for those of you who live in an urban environment as it can be placed on a balcony or windowsill.

  • It is hardy down to temperatures as low as -20c. For optimum growth it prefers to be positioned where it will receive full sun.

  • Excellent quality, 2cm tall plant in an 7cm square pot.
  • Native to: South Africa

  • Family: Aizoaceae (Ice Plant Family)

  • Habit (UK conditions): evergreen, "carpet-forming" perennial

  • Growth rate: fast

  • Typical size in 5 years: 5cm (height) x 40cm x 40cm (width)

  • Main value: flowers

  • Flower colour: sulphur yellow

  • Flowering period: June-August

  • Autumn coloration: - (evergreen)

  • Preferences: it can thrive on any well drained soil, preferably in full sun, where it flowers for months

  • Hardiness: hardy in the UK and most of Europe

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