Diospyros Kaki - Japanese Persimmon, Sharon Fruit

This is the well known, large fruit (Sharon fruit), juicy and sweet when ripe and touched by frost, it can be flattened or round; and an elegant ornamental tree with orange autumn coloration beautiful, leathery foliage. Also an excellent food source for birds during winter, as the tree holds the fruits on the branches for a long time. Its fragrant flowers appear among the large, leathery, entire leaves. It starts to produce fruit from around the age of 6, but it is dioecious, so you may consider to order 2 or 3 plants to get a great chance to have both sexes (we have another listing for 3 plants). Fruits grow to tomato size. They may cross pollinate with the other Diospyros species. (we also offer D virginiana and D lotus)


Other common names:  Kaki, Asian Sharon Fruit

Native to: Far East but it is mostly cultivated, rather than wild

Family: Ebenaceae (Ebony Family)

Habit (UK conditions): medium sized, deciduous tree

Max. size in 10 years:  6m x 3m

Main value: edible fruits, fragrant flowers

Flower colour: green-yellow (not significant)

Flowering period: May

Autumn coloration: yellow-orange

Preferences: wide range of soils, full sun (drought tolerant)

Hardiness: hardy to around -15C

Is it toxic? no

Is it edible? yes, fruits are edible raw or processed

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