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Dwarf Fruit Shrub Collection

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  • The tasty, ornamental Dwarf Fruit Shrub collection (for patio) contains one of each plant in an 8cm pot.

  • Punica granatum Nana  - Pomegranate Fruit Shrub (15-20cm tall)

    Dwarf fruiting pomegranate cultivar (or sub species) with small but lovely, numerous, red flowers and with a very compact habit (ultimate height is 50-60cm). Any established plants will flower freely on any good soil. It prefers a hot position, against a south facing wall for example, but will flower in a good protected sunny position. The pomegranate is believed to have originated in the area from Iran east to northern India, but has been cultivated around the Mediterranean for so long (several millennia) that its true native range is not accurately known. Easy to grow and well suitable for the patio, where it can be overwintered.

    Ugni molinae - Chilean Guava (15cm tall)

    The Chilean Guava is an evergreen shrub made up of tiny, dark green, simple leaves. Beautiful pink and yellow, bell-shaped flowers bloom from June, shortly followed by blackberry sized, red fruits. The fruits are not only full of wonderful strawberry and pineapple flavours, but they are also full of lycopene and vitamins. The berries are perfectly edible fresh or can be processed into jams, cakes or eaten dried. Start your morning right by adding them to your breakfast muesli or fruit salads. Ugni molinae is suitable for pot growing and can make an excellent bonsai subject.

    Lophomyrtus obcordata – New Zealand Myrtle (Rohutu) (10-15cm tall - branched)

    The New Zealand Myrtle is a densely branched, elegant, dwarf like shrub from Australia. It has decorative, green- yellow, purple foliage with tiny leaves all year round. During the Summer, 1cm wide myrtle like, fragrant, white flowers bloom. Later on in the year, Lophomyrtus obcordata produces edible black berries. Hardy to temperatures as low as -10C.

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