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Edible Exotic Myrtle Collection

  • A tasty Edible Exotic Myrtle Collection contains one of each plant. 
  • Myrceugenia lanceolata - Arranjacillo (10-12cm tall)

    Rarely offered, evergreen shrub with tiny, narrow leaves and white puff flowers late Summer. 

  • Luma apiculata - Chilean Myrtle (15-20cm tall)

    Black fruited evergreen shrub with white flowers in summer, easy to grow. 

    Lophomyrtus obcordata – New Zealand Myrtle (Rohutu) (10-15cm tall - branched)

    The New Zealand Myrtle is a densely branched, elegant, dwarf like shrub from Australia. It has decorative, green- yellow, purple foliage with tiny leaves all year round. During the Summer, 1cm wide myrtle like, fragrant, white flowers bloom. Later on in the year, Lophomyrtus obcordata produces edible black berries.

  • All hardy to temperatures as low as -10C.

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