Laurus nobilis - Bay Lauer Tree

  • This is the well known bay tree with dark green, highly aromatic leaves. The bay leaves can be used either fresh or dried when cooking to add spice/flavour to dishes. It is a very ornamental plant with yellow flowers in Spring and black fruits in the Autumn (in conservatory conditions).

br />Other common names:                     Bay Tree
Native to:                                           Mediterranean
Family:                                              Lauraceae (Laurel Family)
Habit (UK conditions):                       small evergreen tree
Max. height (when mature, UK conditions):   2-3m but only in conservatory conditions (it may well stay 1-2m tall in a pot if pruned)
Main value (in order of importance):           aromatic leaves
Flower colour:                                    light yellow
Flowering period:                               March-April
Autumn coloration:                             - (evergreen)
Hardiness:                                           only hardy on South Coast in the UK
Toxicity:                                               leaves are widely used as a spice
Preferences:                                        full sun (drought tolerant), tolerant to soil conditions

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