Paliurus spina-christi - Christ's Thorn, Jerusalem Thorn

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  • A deciduous shrub or small tree with zig-zagged shoots. Its glossy, green leaves turn a spectacular yellow in Autumn. Small yellow flowers appear on the branches in Spring, followed by a dry nutlet that is centred in a circular wing (it is edible raw). It branches out freely, suitable for normal garden use, for the patio or for bonsai too. It develops numerous sharp thorns which makes it suitable to use it as an impenetrable hedge. Fully hardy, prefers full sun.

Other common names:   Garland Thorn, Christ's Thorn, Crown of Thorns
Native to:     Mediterranean
Family:     Rhamnaceae
Habit (UK conditions):  multistemmed small tree
Growth rate: medium
Typical size in 10 years:   3m x 1m (on a large fence for example)
Main value:    foliage in Autumn, fruits, thorns
Flower colour:    yellow (small)
Flowering period:   May - June
Autumn coloration:   Bright Yellow
Preferences:    full sun, drought tolerant, can be grown on many types of soil, suitable for the patio
Hardiness:    hardy to about -15C

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