Pyrus pyrifolia - Nashi Pear

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  • A small, rounded or conical shaped tree or large shrub that is native to the Far East. It has simple leaves and white flowers (mid-Spring) that are usually followed by apple shaped, sand skin coloured fruits which are known for being juicy and delicious. It is easy in full sun, on many soil types and can be kept in a large pot on the patio. Our strong plants should start to flower in two years. Other common names: Sand Pear, Korean Pear Native to: China, Japan, Korea Family: Rosaceae (Rose Family) Habit (UK conditions): small, deciduous tree or larger shrub Max. size in 10 years: 4m x 2m Main value: edible fruits, fragrant flowers Flower colour: white Flowering period: April - May Autumn coloration: yellow-orange-red Preferences: wide range of soils, full sun (drought tolerant) Hardiness: hardy to around -15C Is it toxic? no Is it edible? yes, fruits are edible raw or processed

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