Rubus lineatus - Silky leaved Berry, Bubble Bramble

  • A thornless bramble species from the Far East (another underrated, not very well known species). A semi-evergreen shrub with the most attractive leaves, showing a fishbone-like vein structure above and and silvery colour underneath. It looks great with frost on and if its arching habit can be left to develop. The orange/light red fruits are edible and can be picked from the plant until mid-Winter. This is a fully hardy plant and can be grown on the patio. An excellent quality, 10-15cm tall starter plant in a 7cm square pot (if there is a picture shown of the plant in a pot, it is an example of what will be sent to you).

Your plant is grown on our nursery in the UK and is freshly hand picked from our benches on the day of dispatch.
Our packaging is neat and tidy so even without gift wrapping, it is suitable for sending to someone as a present.
Full care instructions included.
As a family run nursery, we are able to provide a personalised service with attention to detail and lifetime customer care.

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