Zelkova serrata - Japanese Zelkova

  • This tree is planted for its serrated foliage which turns to a spectacular yellow and red in Autumn. It has a greyish, exfoliating (in rounded patches) bark which contrasts against the the foliage. It branches out freely (often multi-stemmed) and makes an ideal bonsai subject but is equally ideal as a patio plant or as a garden tree. It is very easy to grow on almost any types of soil and tolerates urban pollution too.



Other common names:  Japanese Zelkova, Keyaki

Native to: Japan, Eastern China, Korea

Family: Fagaceae (Beech Family)

Habit (UK conditions): large tree (but it can be pruned to keep it small)

Typical size in 10 years:  10m x 3m

Main value: elliptic, hornbeam-like leaves which turn yellow or red in Autumn; exfoliating bark

Flower colour: yellow, small, not significant

Flowering period: April

Autumn coloration:  bright yellow to fiery red

Preferences: full sun or light shade, it can be grown on many types of soil


Hardiness: hardy to at least around -20C


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