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Kadsura coccinea - Kadsura Vine, Japanese Kadsura

  • An evergreen climber with dark green, leathery foliage which is architectural in itself. The fleshly, red flowers are highly ornamental, followed by grenade-shaped, dark red, juicy fruits on the female plants with an exotic taste (we recommend ordering 2 or 3 plants if fruit is required). It will prefer a sheltered spot with dappled shade, hardy to - 10C when established. It is dioecious, so you may consider to order 2 or 3 plants for a greater chance to have both sexes (it is not possible for us to identify the sex of the plant with them being grown from seed).

  • We have strong one season old, 8-10cm tall plants ready to be sent out.  

(Images with kind permission from Manuel Esteves)

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