Quercus libani - Lebanon Oak

  • An ornamental oak, native to the middle-east. The deciduous tree has decorative, elongated, slender leaves that are often asymmetrical with a slightly pointed tip. The foliage turns a golden yellow during autumn. It has fissured, dark grey bark with orange coloured furrows. In the early spring, yellow catkins hang from the tree. The flowers are monoecious, both sexes can be found on the same tree. Huge plum sized acorns are found on the trees. The seed can in fact be roasted and used as a coffee substitute.

  • It has a slow to medium growth rate, reaching heights of up to 10-15m x 8-10m in 25 years. For optimum growth, it is best to be planted in full sun or dappled shade on any soil type and can withstand temperatures as low as -20c. Excellent quality, 10-15cm tall starter plant in an 8-9cm square pot.

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