Sorbus megalocarpa - Large Leaved Rowan

  • A rarely cultivated but rather distinctive small tree or larger shrub that originates from China. It has arching branches with large, oval, toothed leaves that turn a red/reddish-yellow colour in the autumn. During late spring, beautiful, creamy coloured flowers bloom. This plants main attraction is its reddish-brown berries that have rusty, dense lenticels. The fruits remain on the shrub until mid-Winter, adding a nice coloured area to the garden during the duller months.

  • It is easy to grow and if planted in a large pot can make a great plant for the patio. For optimum growth it is best to position it where it will receive full sun and partial shade. It can withstand temperatures as low as -20c. An excellent starter plant in a 7cm pot.  

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